ProCon Leicestershire Nomination

Chris HuntNews

We are pleased to announce that the Abbey Meadows, Leicester Housing Scheme has been nominated for a ProCon Leicestershire award; “Property Deal of the Year”.

In conjunction with Nelsons Solicitors, Nottingham Community Housing Association and GS Residential an influential partnership was created to deliver 82 much-needed homes for Leicester on a 4.8-acre site called Lock 44 – Wolsey Island at Abbey Meadows.

The housing development will be made up of two, three and four bedroom properties, providing vital homes in the city for families and helping to encourage further investment in the area. The joint venture will see the creation of 47 affordable homes, which are managed by NCHA.

Unlike privately rented homes, housing association properties are given to those most in need and are run on a not-for-profit basis. Lovell will also build a further 35 build to rent properties, which will be retained and managed by GS Residential (Newtown Living).